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Guardians of the Galaxy Favorite Marvel Movie! - Spoiler Free

It is official! “Guardians of the Galaxy” has become my most favorite Marvel movie beside The Avengers. So in reality it is my 2nd Marvel movie. HAHAHA

“Guardians of the Galaxy” was so much fun. Like I assumed before seeing the movie, Guardians is our new age “Star Wars”. However, way more fun. Do you remember those moment in Star Wars when Han Solo was funny, witty, essentially the comic relief. Like when the Hulk throws Loki around like a rag doll in The Avengers. Well “Guardians of the Galaxy” was full of those moments. I have not have this much fun in a movie since Marvel’s The Avengers. I made me felling like an exciting little kid again. Yet at the same time it had stunning operatic visuals. The VFX are amazing. The different planets, worlds, species, and cultures were interesting and rich. I loved the 5 main characters and they all had great chemistry. The most common mistake these movies usually make is character building so that the audience cares and believes the motivations behind each character. Guardians did a great job of building the characters. There was only one main character in the movie that felt short of this and that was the main villain Ronan. If Ronan was not a problem and a few acting performances were stronger, this movie would be getting a full 5 start rating. I give it an enthusiastic 4 ½/5 stars. GO SEE THIS MOVIE THIS!!!!

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